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Essential Oil Desk Reference


Essential Oils Desk Reference (Not Available From Young Living)

One of the most complete reference books on essential oils--and now in its third edition with 60 more pages of new material--this is a powerful information source on the cultivation, distillation, chemistry, safety and use of therapeutic-grade essential oils. It is the product of many years of research by D. Gary Young and others, compiled into a single volume to provide a complete overview of the basics of essential oils and their health potentials. 





  • a summary of Young Living products, including ingredients and application instructions for all singles, blends, supplements and personal care products
  • Information on essential oil history and early use during Biblical times
  • sections on essential oil chemistry and essential oil safety
  • explanations of the processes of cultivation and distillation of aromatic plants
  • cautions and concerns about essential oil quality and purity
  • chapters on cleansing and detoxification with essential oils
  • a 130-page reference chapter for over 320 health conditions, including descriptions, symptoms, recipes using recommended oils and blends and application instructions, with extensive cross-referencing to related topics
  • and much, much more...

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran with essential oils, this book will provide hundreds of new insights and application instructions for improving health and vitality for yourself and your family.

Check Price And Order Now From Amazon (Not Available From Young Living)

Summary:  "Whether you're new to the world of Essential Oils, or a seasoned follower, there is a plethora of information for you in here. Each single oil and blended oil is explained, where it originates, what it's used for, how to apply it, where to apply it and how often. A big section is nothing but diseases listed alphabetically and how to treat it with the e.o.'s, also listed are nutritional supplements that help to heal that particular condition. I've owned the book for about 5 months now, and am still discovering new things in it. Also has a section on how to deal with sick pets. I wish I had known about the oils when my daughter had a year long bout with head lice from school, kept getting re-infected, and Tea Tree oil works wonders...FAST.

But don't be fooled thinking you can go into your local health food store for the oils, they're not therapeutic grade and won't have the same effect, and cannot be ingested like the Young Living Essential oils.  Not all oils can be taken internally, but a few can, and they work great.  I can atest that they work wondrously and this book will help you to become an expert , it is the best, bar none. :)"


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